Investing in Krabi

Why Invest in Krabi

Krabi – A Property Investors Dream!

If you are searching for somewhere solid to invest your precious savings, somewhere that offers both exceptional value for money and the possibility of significant financial return, then purchasing land or property in Krabi could be the answer. The property market isparticularly buoyant in Thailand and investors are optimistic that this trend will continue throughout 2012 and for the foreseeable future. Around one third of the Thai population is between twenty four and forty four years of age, an optimal demographic for stimulating the housing market. And it is a market that has remained until recently, relatively untapped by foreign investors. That looks set to change however, and nowhere more so than in Krabi, south west Thailand. This popular holiday resort with an enviable climate and breathtaking scenery is enjoying an unprecedented economic boom all of its own. Visitors are descending on its vibrant tourist resorts in unparalleled numbers, resulting in record breaking occupancy rates for 2011 and the first two months of 2012.

This means that the demand for both holiday and residential accommodation in Krabi is extremely high and that property prices and rental yields are likely to rise accordingly. Krabi is consequently being allowed to develop at a relentless pace, albeit in a manner sympathetic to an area of outstanding natural beauty. Krabi architects and builders are rising to the challenge by providing a world class selection of real estate that showcase the very best in modern construction and contemporary Thai design. Krabi buildings often display an innovative use of environmentally friendly materials that promote a low carbon footprint too. The stunning results, boasting superior specifications are considered extremely desirable, even to property investors with high expectations from Europe, the United States and Great Britain.

Local infrastructure improvements, such as increased flight connections at Krabi International Airport and the expansion of nearby Phuket International Airport, are also making Krabi a more attractive holiday destination and subsequently, a tempting investment opportunity. Foreign investors, many from China, Russia and the Middle East, are quickly finding that Krabi is not only an ideal place to invest their hard earned cash, but also a sophisticated resort that makes a great place to call home. They are eagerly snapping up stylish Krabi villas with the intention of renting them out on the lucrative holiday market until they are able to cash in their pension. And they do this, safe in the knowledge that their nest egg will almost certainly increase in value and earn them a tidy sum.

Krabi is bound to become an even greater financial proposition if the political scene continues to stabilise and the some of the outdated property laws related to foreigners in Thailand are relaxed. Currently freehold ownership of property by non-natives is not possible, although there are a number of loopholes regularly exploited by canny investors. If these legal restrictions are lifted then house prices will soar, making the old adage that there is no time like the present, especially true of the Krabi property market!

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