Khao Sok National Park near Krabi

Visit world’s oldest rainforest: Khao Sok National Park near Krabi, Thailand

Khao Sok National Park near Krabi, Thailand is the world’s oldest rainforest and the largest in southern Thailand. With its huge limestone mountains, valleys, lakes, caves, elephant sanctuaries, and wild animals, it is an incredible place to explore, and definitely worth a visit when you come to Krabi.

The park includes two wildlife sanctuaries, Klong Naka and Klong Seng, and adjoins two other national parks. The protected land areas combined cover approximately 4000 square kilometers, with Khao Sok comprising 739 square kilometers of the total size.

The History of Khao Sok National Park

Many millennia ago (approximately 280 million years ago), the entire area of Khao Sok and most of Southern Thailand was under shallow waters. An enormous coral reef formed in the water and surrounding delta, stretching from where Borneo is today to southern China. It was the largest reef in recorded history, five times larger than the Great Barrier Reef. Limestone rocks formed from erosion, resulting sediment, and huge compression from the sea.

Waters began to recede around 160 million years ago, and the Khao Sok rainforest began its creation. When neighboring land plates collided, the force was so great that Thailand was rotated and pushed to the southeast. It was then that the limestone mountains began to develop.

The last Ice Age did not have a glaciating effect on Khao Sok, thus contributing to its system of lakes and rainforest properties.

The Natural Wonders of Khao Sok National Park

The park is home to diverse flora and fauna where studies are still ongoing. Rafelesia, the world’s largest flower grows there, reaching a size of one-meter in diameter. Other flora includes the largest species in Southeast Asia of bamboo, orchids, ferns, and palms (including the rare White Back Fan Palm).

Not to be outdone, the variety of insects is enormous. (Bring plenty of insect repellant.) Animals inhabiting the rainforest include tigers, bears, wild elephants, monkeys, gibbons, porcupines, pangolins, deer and the rare Mountain Serow and Asian ox. There are also hundreds of species of birds (including beautiful hornbills), reptiles and amphibians.

Jungle Tours and Safaris

There is a host of tours and several overnight safaris available for tourists. The tours include a visit to the Elephant Hills Sanctuary, canoeing and kayaking on the lakes, swimming in the crystal clear Cheow Larn Lake, cave exploration, and foot trekking. The sights are extraordinary.

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