Koh Klang Krabi Thailang

Experience the peaceful island of Koh Klang when visiting Krabi, Thailand

If you want a different kind of adventure, experience the peaceful island of Koh Klang when visiting Krabi, Thailand. It is not the Krabi of white sandy beaches, but it is just as special.

Most of the inhabitants of Koh Klang, which number approximately 5,000 people, came to the island around the time of World War II. Prior to that time, there were only eight houses on the island. Most of the people that live there now are fisherman and rice, coconut and banana farmers.

The island is a five-minute boat ride from Krabi Town, or a fifteen-minute ride from Krabi International Airport. Koh Klang comprises five-sub districts with four villages. Three of them are on Koh Klang.

Touring Koh Klang

There are no cars on Koh Klang, so touring is by tuk-tuk, bicycle, or motorbike, the only three vehicles permitted on its one cement road. It takes about 15-20 minutes to drive from one end of the 6-kilometer island to the other. Visitors will never be at a loss at what to see.

  • Koh Klang is primarily a traditional fishing community, and tourists can freely observe people at work catching fish, crabs and shellfish.
  • Rice paddies make up about 600 rais of the interior of the island. The rice produced there is a special brown rice called “Khao Sang Yod”. Its aroma and delicious taste come from the mixture of salt and fresh water on the island.
  • The island is surrounded by mangrove forests, so birdwatching is great there. The mangroves make it ideal for young fish to thrive safely away from predators, before moving out to the sea. The forests are also home to a number of different marine and amphibious species.
  • Although the Koh Klang’s brown sandy beaches are not recommended for swimming because so much of them are muddy, shell exploring is great fun. There are over 35 different shell varieties found there. The best time to shell hunt is at low tide, when visitors will be joining local moms and their children who are also seeking that perfect, unique shell.
  • Koh Klang, obviously, has great fresh seafood, so eating there is a food lover’s dream.

The Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Koh Klang

The community of Koh Klang is very open and friendly to visitors. However, the majority are Muslims, so there are certain dos and don’ts tourists should adhere to when visiting.

  • Don’t wear revealing clothing. That means no bikinis or short shorts. Dress modestly.
  • Do not drink alcohol in public.
  • Do not bring pork to the island.
  • Do not bring dogs to the island.
  • Do not show intimacy in public.

To experience the delight that is Koh Klang, tourists just need to remember that they are visitors to the islanders’ home.

Where to Stay when Visiting Koh Klang in Krabi, Thailand

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