Krabi Sunset

Three Genuine Krabi Highlights!

A visit to Krabi will furnish you with a lifetime of wonderful memories and there will no doubt be many holiday highlights. Three special experiences that never fail to make a lasting impression are listed below. Enjoy!

The Magic of Lanta Old Town

This historic harbour town is located on the eastern side of the picturesque island and popular tourist resort of Ko Lanta Yai, in the Ko Lanta archipelago. Lanta Old Town is both the district capital of this stunning group of islands and a captivating place to visit. It is home to an eclectic and culturally diverse society of Thai-Chinese, Thai-Buddhist, Thai-Muslims, Mokken (Sea Gypsies) who seem almost totally unchanged by tourism. Stepping into the ancient streets, lined with quaint, teakwood houses perched precariously on stilts, is akin to stepping back in time. Shopping and eating are favourite activities here and almost every home doubles as a shop of some description. You can pick up delightful handmade hammocks, exquisite Batik work or beautiful leather, all of which are specialities of the area. Dining out invariably involves enjoying freshly caught seafood and mouth watering local dishes, at unbelievably cheap prices. Every March, the town hosts the magical ‘Laanta Lanta Festival’ a traditional celebration simply not to be missed.

Authentic Krabi Town

Krabi Town is the functioning capital of Krabi province and a veritable hub of activity – situated at the mouth of the Krabi river, this unassuming fishing town boasts some of Krabi’s finest restaurants, shops and colourful markets. The Night Food Market, reputed to be the best in Thailand, is an attraction in itself.

And, unlike top Krabi tourist resorts such as Ao Nang or Railay, Krabi Town is a commercial centre in its own right and is not geared specifically towards the tourist industry. This rewards visitors with a strong contrast to the westernised resorts and the chance to enjoy a fascinating glimpse into modern Thai life. Many foreign visitors seek the town out for this very reason, and despite the fact that it has no beach, choose to stay for a night or two. A day trip, including an unforgettable dinner followed by a pleasant stroll along the river, is more than sufficient however, to soak up the warm hospitality and authentic atmosphere of this lovely town.

Ao Nang Sunset

View the famous Krabi holiday resort and premier dive destination of Ao Nang from a completely different perspective, by taking advantage of a spectacular ‘Sunset Cruise’. There are a number of companies offering such trips in the area, which generally include dinner, drinks and an unrivalled opportunity to admire the sun going slowly down over Ao Nang and the surrounding islands. Most will incorporate some of Krabi’s top snorkelling spots too, where if you brave the evening water, you will spot exotic fish and sea creatures not normally visible during the heat of the day. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

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