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Building a property in Krabi

A Guide to Buying Land and Building a Villa in Krabi

Krabi is currently undergoing a period of significant expansion – increasing tourist numbers and a buoyant property market have resulted in a heightened demand for land and a rapid development of real estate. Therefore, finding an affordable plot in a desirable Krabi location is becoming progressively more difficult. If you have already fallen in love with your own slice of Krabi, you may be tempted to purchase it before local businessmen or other foreign investors snap it up. This is a huge step for most and one that should not be taken without first arming yourself with the facts. Continue reading Building a property in Krabi

Property Investment

Krabi – A Property Investors Dream!

If you are searching for somewhere solid to invest your precious savings, somewhere that offers both exceptional value for money and the possibility of significant financial return, then purchasing land or property in Krabi could be the answer. The property market is particularly buoyant in Thailand and investors are optimistic that this trend will continue throughout 2012 and for the foreseeable future. Around one third of the Thai population is between twenty four and forty four years of age, an optimal demographic for stimulating the housing market. And it is a market that has remained until recently, relatively untapped by foreign investors. That looks set to change however, and nowhere more so than in Krabi, south west Thailand. This popular holiday resort with an enviable climate and breathtaking scenery is enjoying an unprecedented economic boom all of its own. Visitors are descending on its vibrant tourist resorts in unparalleled numbers, resulting in record breaking occupancy rates for 2011 and the first two months of 2012. Continue reading Property Investment