Scuba Diving in Krabi

Scuba Diving in Krabi

Krabi is famous the world over for its beautiful landscape of white sandy beaches, tropical islands, lush green forests and dramatic limestone cliffs. Yet this stunning scenery is only one half of the story!

Krabi is also rightly renowned for what lies beneath the clear, sparkling waters of the magnificent Andaman Sea – a hidden world of colourful coral reefs and exotic marine life that too, deserves to be discovered.

These emerald green and in places, incredibly shallow waters, attract avid divers from all over the planet, eager to sight dolphins, turtles and even an occasional leopard shark amongst the multitude of tropical fish that lurk silently below the surface.

When to Dive in Krabi

It’s possible to enjoy diving in Krabi all year round thanks to the calm and temperate waters. From November right the way through to April you’ll experience top diving conditions, but don’t forget that this also coincides with high season so accommodation in Krabi will be more expensive. Conditions and visibility may deteriorate somewhat during the monsoon season, so we recommend the Gulf of Thailand instead, if you plan to dive at this time of year.

Learn to Dive in Krabi

Relax – you don’t need to have years of experience under your diving belt to explore much of the water around Krabi. In fact, the combination of shallow water, dozens of reputable scuba diving schools and the comparatively cheap prices make Krabi an ideal place to learn this fun water sport. If you prefer to dip a tentative toe in the water first, you can try out one of the test dives available at many Krabi hotels and resorts. Of course, diving in the hotel pool can’t quite compare to the stunning natural marine environment that surrounds Krabi, but it is a good way of finding out if you feel comfortable under water before committing to a full PADI Course,

If you do take the plunge, a four day PADI Open Water Diver Course will teach you all you need to know to safely enjoy supervised dives in this fabulous area.

Where to dive

There are so many top quality dive sites to suit all levels that Krabi has divers of varying ability coming back time after time. We’ve listed some of our preferred Krabi dive areas below, although you’re bound to discover several favourites of your own.

Koh Poda – this heterogeneous dive area is readily accessible from the main tourist resort of Ao Nang and also happens to fall within the mesmerising Hat Nopparat Thara – Mu Koh Phi Phi Marine National Park. There are actually seven key islands here, that offer an exciting assortment of fantastic diving experiences to treasure for a lifetime.

Ko Ha boasts waters containing more than 60 varieties of delicate coral, which in turn are home to an abundance of crabs and shrimps. If you are lucky enough to dive in this unforgettable area you might spot leopard sharks, squid and great schools of barracuda among the multitude of intriguing underwater creatures.

Ko Si is known for its particularly shallow and translucent waters, which make it perfectly suitable for snorkelling too. The high visibility here might grant you the thrill of spotting your first black-tip reef shark darting between the reefs. Other marine life to look out for include snappers, scorpion fish, grouper and sea horses.

Ko Yeadon has limited visibility and powerful currents, making it less suited to beginners. It does possess a long ‘swim-through’ area though, and experienced divers can witness graceful schools of grouper, lobsters and sting rays gently gliding by.

The gorgeous waters around Koh Dor are literally teeming with an amazing assortment of corals and sponges and it is not unusual for the black-tip reef shark to make a passing visit, especially in the afternoon.

Both novices and seasoned divers can delight in diving amongst barracuda and mantis shrimp in the coral filled waters of Koh Talu, whilst Koh Yawasam is another great place to learn, thanks to its flat sand banks and deep water. The great swathes of coral here hide rare saddleback anemone fish, a vision worthy of the dive alone.

Finally, the seas surrounding G.K Island conceal a massive coral reef that shelters sea whips, gorgonians and sometimes fusiliers and curious sea snakes.

Phi Phi Islands – there are sufficient high quality dive and snorkelling sites in and around these famous islands to keep you entertained for a lifetime – just go explore!

Koh Dam – two stunning islands, connected by a fascinating coral reef, that offer some truly wonderful diving. This superb dive area is also within easy reach of Ao Nang.

Hin Daeng & Hin Muang – suitable only for more experienced divers, you can glimpse whale sharks and manta rays among some of the most spectacular rock formations.

Koh Rok Nok – two breathtaking islands that lie in rich and protected waters. The excellent visibility and the plethora of fish and marine life makes for an alluring dive environment.