Other Krabi Sports

Other Krabi Sports

Krabi may be famous the world over for its fantastic scuba diving and incredible rock climbing sites, yet this stunning province provides a wealth of other fun and exciting sporting activities that shouldn’t be overlooked!

Participant Sports


Okay, snorkelling is arguably akin to scuba diving, but it is considerably more accessible as you won’t need either fancy equipment or training to enjoy this more laid back alternative. The shallow Krabi waters, bristling with delicate coral reefs offer exceptional visibility, where snorkelers can observe an incredible display of colourful tropical fish and exotic sea life including turtles, dolphins and even sharks!

Sea Kayaking

Renting a sea kayak is the perfect way to explore some of the stunning Krabi islands that are home to fascinating caves and hidden lagoons. It is also the easiest way to navigate the dense mangroves common in the area. A sea kayak will allow you to reach otherwise inaccessible areas of incredible beauty, whilst simultaneously keeping you fit!


If you are new to fishing, why not book a day trip with your own personal guide aboard? With extensive knowledge of the local waters a guide will ably steer you to the best fishing spots, making the chance of your first catch infinitely more likely!

More seasoned sailors can charter a private boat and explore the magnificent Andaman at their leisure. As the translucent waters around Krabi are literally teeming with fish, you are bound to catch something worth cooking up, back at your resort barbecue.


Back on dry land, you can take advantage of Krabi’s picturesque golf course in Neua Klong. A quiet round of golf in breathtaking scenery is both a relaxing and healthy way to while away a few pleasant hours. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to rub shoulders with members of the local expat community who are known to frequent the golf course and the driving range in Krabi Town. If you’re lucky, they’ll share some inside tips on Krabi’s best kept secrets aka the finest bars and restaurants in town! More serious golfers can revel in a round at the premier golf course in Phuket, just two hours from Krabi by car.


Trekking through Krabi’s dense rainforests is an experience not to be missed. These lush, green jungles are home to an amazing selection of wildlife, including monkeys and tropical birds. Pleasingly, the dense tree canopy acts rather like a parasol, protecting you from the harshness of the suns rays and providing welcome shade throughout your trek. The forest trails are pocketed with natural lagoons and magical waterfalls which make cooling down during a particular vigorous hike, a real joy. Superb hiking paths can be found in the National Parks of Huay Toh and Tharnbok Khoranee and the Nature reserve at Khao Phra-Bang Khram.

Keep Fit

Keeping fit on a Krabi holiday is easy when most Krabi hotels and resorts boast spa and fitness facilities including gyms, swimming pools and even tennis courts. If your accommodation doesn’t benefit from a gym, you can always take an early morning or evening run along the spectacular Krabi beaches, or make use of the public gyms in Ao Nang and Krabi Town.

Spectator Sports

If you prefer to watch your sports from the comfort of a bar or cheer along from the sidelines, then there is still plenty to keep you entertained in Krabi.

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing)

Muay Thai is a traditional martial art and perhaps the most popular spectator sport in Krabi and indeed, the whole of Thailand. Technique is more important than brute force in these remorseless fights where combatants employ a lightening quick combination of elbows, knees, bare feet and gloved fists to outwit their opponent. Muay Thai matches always attract a large, animated crowd of locals and the atmosphere is highly charged. Just don’t get too caught up in the frenzied betting and lose your entire spending money in one go!

Kaeng Ruer (Boat Races)

In Krabi these traditional boat races officially announce the start of the tourist season. The boats, each representing a local temple are made from hardwood and draped in bright garlands and flowers. The gripping and fiercely contested race provides yet another opportunity for the locals to enjoy a small flutter and tourists the chance to observe a colourful spectacle.


Takraw is a Thai version of volleyball, that is also played on the unspoilt beaches of Krabi. You can appreciate this riveting sport as a mere spectator or perhaps, even join in when asked by the friendly locals.

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