Krabi’s National Parks

Krabi’s National Parks

A holiday in Krabi will spoil you with unlimited access to some of the most spectacular natural environments in the world.

Much of the beautiful province is actually protected and lies within great swathes of national park and conservation areas, which you can easily stumble upon without even realising. The very accessibility of these diverse nature reserves means that you don’t have to be a die hard conservationist prepared to rough it, to appreciate the breathtaking scenery and fascinating array of exotic wildlife that is, quite literally on your doorstep.

If you want to make the most of some of the most acclaimed National Parks and Nature Reserves in the world, then use our handy guide below to plan some truly memorable trips.

Hat Noppharat Thara National Park

This is the largest of Krabi’s national parks and covers a vast area of stunning coastline and thriving marine environment, that includes the popular beach at Ao Nang, the pretty 3 mile stretch of beach at Noppharat Thara and the isolated Railay peninsula. It also incorporates approximately 80 delightful Krabi islands, including the renowned Phi Phi islands, Koh Poda and Koh Gai. This park is so extensive that it is almost impossible to visit the province, without having entered much of it – indeed, water sports enthusiasts make a beeline for the world famous snorkelling and scuba diving sites, contained within its boundaries. Visitors to this fantastic park can also explore dense mangrove forests, towering cliffs and expansive peat swamps. Popular tourist attractions include the Viking Cave at Ko Phi Phi Le, where swallows construct their nests from saliva (a highly prized ingredient in birds nest soup) and the interesting Fossil Shell Cemetery named Susan Hoi. Despite having national park status, a certain amount of sympathetic construction has been allowed, particularly in the tourist resorts of Ao Nang, Railay and Noppharat Thara beach.

Than Bokkhorani National Park

This sprawling National Park in the Ao Luk district of northern Krabi is home to almost 150 square miles of extremely varied terrain. Partly bordering the picturesque Andaman coast, the park includes the impressive limestone cliffs that have become so synonymous with Krabi, thick mangrove forests, sparkling rivers, magical waterfalls and enchanting pools of emerald green water. Visitors can join organised trails that meander through tropical rainforests and take in a network of caves and a delightful Krabi temple. The park can get busy, particularly at weekends, as it’s a popular picnic spot with locals too.

Mu Ko Lanta National Park

Located in southern Krabi, another large park that covers almost 60 square miles of scenic islands including the mesmerising Ko Lanta archipelago. A big draw, in addition to the unspoilt and often deserted beaches and spectacular dive waters, is an ancient village where you can still observe sea gypsies going about their traditional way of life. You can also enjoy the colourful Floating Boats festival, celebrated at Ko Lanta Yai at various times throughout the year.

Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

A smaller park of around 20 square miles, that runs along the backbone of the Khao Phanom Bencha mountain range, approximately 12 miles north of Krabi. This park boasts a series of dazzling streams and waterfalls and a fascinating cave crammed with stalactite and stalagmite formations. A number of excellent hiking trails criss cross through the dense forest, where nature lovers can spot an extraordinary array of wildlife including black panthers, clouded leopards, tigers, Asiatic black bears, Asiatic wild dogs, mouse deer, gibbons, a variety of monkeys and a number of tropical birds such as red jungle fowl, hornbill and the extremely rare Gurney’s pitta.

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