Getting Around in Krabi

Getting Around

Where to Stay in Krabi and Getting Around

You will certainly be well looked after in Krabi – there is a staggering range of Krabi holiday accommodation that caters for everyone, from hippy tripping backpackers to the more refined traveller. There is a fantastic selection of budget hostels, mid-range hotels, five star spa resorts and self catering Thai holiday villas. These are scattered amongst the very distinct Krabi tourists resorts and towns that each have a unique character and flavour of their own.

To help you decide where to stay in Krabi, we’ve put together a brief description of the main tourist resorts and towns.

Ao Nang

Let us begin where it all happens! Perhaps the most popular tourist resort in the province, Ao Nang also offers the greatest choice of holiday accommodation. With a beautiful and remarkably unspoilt beach, this lively, but famously laid-back holiday resort is also home to a great range of shops, busy bars and a fine selection of restaurants. Ao Nang is centrally located too, which makes it an ideal base for exploring the rest of Krabi. Ao Nang is perfect for those who want to combine the convenience of a superb range of tourist amenities, easy access to the beach and water sports, with the option of some evening entertainment thrown in. Suitable for those on a mid to high-end budget, who prefer a bustling, yet essentially relaxed scene.

Klong Muang

This lovely beach area just north of Ao Nang has developed at an astonishing pace and has quickly earned a reputation for offering exclusive, high-end accommodation. Guests seem more than happy to remain in the attractive grounds of their luxurious, self contained resorts and spas – which is just as well really, as there is not much in the way of entertainment in Klong Muang, bar a few small restaurants. Klong Muang is perfect for a quiet or romantic break, far away from the crowds.

Ko Lanta

This breathtaking island, just south west of Krabi is said to be the most beautiful in the area and, with more than 150 to choose from this is no small compliment! Actually comprising of some fifty smaller islands, Ko Lanta manages to combine spectacular scenery, pristine beaches, charming old towns and villages, with a good selection of quality accommodation. Here visitors can sample genuine Krabi island life and enjoy an altogether slower pace of holiday.

Krabi Town

Located at the mouth of the Krabi river, less than 6 miles from Krabi International Airport, this charming provincial capital and pleasant fishing town benefits from an excellent selection of shops, bars, bustling markets and Thai restaurants. There is a broad choice of accommodation too, from five star hotels to rough and ready backpacker lodgings. Many stay in Krabi Town for its authentic Thai atmosphere, but its important to know that this lively little town doesn’t benefit from a beach and whilst it does make a great short break destination, those who simply cannot survive without the sand between their toes, should look elsewhere!

Nopparat Thara

This lovely 3 mile stretch of beach is actually part of the incredible Nopparat Thara National Park. It is known locally as ‘Klong Haeng’ or ‘dry river’ because it is actually possible to wade across to the nearby islands during low tide. Despite the fact that Nopporat Thara is a pristine conservation area, a number of hotels, shops, bars and restaurants have been allowed to open in recent years, to help cope with the growing army of visitors to Krabi. Indeed, the national park itself even boasts a camping ground, very popular with Thai students. The accommodation here varies widely and includes a large five star resort, several three star hotels and a number of guesthouses and bungalows.

Phi Phi Islands

No trip to Krabi is complete without visiting the scenic group of isles collectively known as the Phi Phi islands and immortalised in the Hollywood film ‘The Beach.’ Many decide to spend their entire holiday in this relaxing island resort with a distinctly bohemian vibe. Be warned though, hotels and resorts can be comparatively expensive on this tropical island paradise, making Phi Phi a pricey option.


Railay is located on the stunning Ao Nang Peninsular and can only be reached by boat, which gives it the illusion of being an island. This is enhanced by the fact that there are no main roads and subsequently no traffic, just a striking landscape of limestone cliffs, dense mangrove and sweeping white sandy beaches.

If you prefer luxury accommodation in large beach front resorts, set in peaceful surroundings, then choose picturesque West Railay aka Sunset Beach. For cheaper rooms and budget accommodation then plump for Railay East, but be prepared to trade cost savings for tranquillity as this is where most of the bars and restaurants, popular with both free spirits and mainstream tourists alike, are located.

Thalane Bay

The secluded, yet accessible location of Thalane Bay makes it ideal for families or couples who want to spend quality time together. This seductive bay set in the beautiful conservation area of Khao Tong in Phang Nga Bay, is a particular favourite with nature lovers too, who come to explore the thick mangrove forests, hidden caves and deserted coves brimming with exotic wildlife. Just 30 minutes by car from busy Ao Nang, you can always escape for some nocturnal action if necessary.


During high season this remote resort next to Railay West is a backpackers’ and rock climbers’ haven. The busy beach lined with bars, cafes and restaurants and its plethora of budget accommodation, makes Railay especially popular with the younger generation. Climbing is the main attraction, followed by diving, kayaking and generally hanging out in the local bars or chilling on the beach. Tonsai is sometimes totally unreachable during the monsoon period, so travel during this period is not advised.

Getting Around

Travelling between the various tourist resorts, visitor attractions and islands of Krabi is extremely easy. There is a good choice of comfortable transportation that provide regular and reliable services. We have listed the most common below.

Songthaew – cheap and cheerful open air buses, usually crammed with animated locals and an entertaining way to explore the area.

Tuk-Tuk – an authentic Krabi holiday begins and ends in one of these fun vehicles, that seem to epitomise Thailand! Be careful that you don’t get ripped off though, by always negotiating a fixed price before you depart!

Motorbike Taxi – these may look exciting, but in reality can be a dangerous and often hair-raising experience. Only for the very brave!

Water Taxi – departing from several points along the mainland, these delightful boats are the only way to reach some of Krabi’s far flung islands. Regular services operate in peak season.

Seaplane – if you have a taste for adventure you will relish a trip on Thailand’s only seaplane service that operates to and from the Krabi islands. The incredible views allow you to appreciate the immense beauty of the area from a completely different perspective.

Car, motorbike and bicycle hire – these are all readily available for hire in Krabi and will give you the flexibility to enjoy a holiday at your leisure. Before you book a car, check with your Krabi holiday villa, hotel or resort as some may include free complimentary transport as part of their package.

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