floating village of Koh Panyi

Visit the unique floating village of Koh Panyi near Krabi, Thailand

When touring Krabi, Thailand, you should make sure to include a visit to the unique floating village of Koh Panyi, approximately 53.1 kilometers from Krabi. Koh Panyi is a limestone island built on stilts over the water and is home to about 100 Muslim families whose main income derives from fishing. The walkways and platforms built into the island’s coastline stretch out over the Andaman Sea in an amazing display of human ingenuity.

In addition to the marvel of the floating village, which boasts a mosque, homes, stores, and a school, there is a floating football field built for the island’s children. In fact, Koh Panyi’s football team is one of the country’s strongest youth teams.

The History of Koh Panyi, the Floating Village

The history of the Floating Village began several hundred years ago, when three Javanese fishermen and their families sailed to the north, looking for a better life. They first searched around the waters of the island of Sumatra. After entering the Andaman Sea, they followed the path of the Malay Peninsula, finally choosing the current location in Phang Nga Bay. It is said that upon arrival, they planted a flag, which in their native tongue is “panyi”.

Touring Koh Panyi

Although the community receives its main income from fishing, they enjoy the additional monetary opportunities tourists bring. To supplement their income, the villagers have opened up a plethora of souvenir shops, stores, and restaurants catering to visitors.

Those wanting a more immersive cultural experience can rent a guesthouse bungalow, shop, and freely walk around the island.

Things to Known when visiting Koh Panyi

There are a few things tourists need to know to ensure a positive experience when visiting Koh Panyi.

  • It is an island surrounded by water, so be sure to keep a close eye on small children.
  • In order not to offend the Muslim inhabitants of Koh Panyi, be sure to dress modestly.
  • Many tourists confuse Koh Panyi with the sea gypsies. The sea gypsies are of a completely different ethnicity.

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