Experience an unseen Krabi, Thailand by cycling tours

Experience an unseen Krabi, Thailand by cycling tours

If you want to experience an unseen Krabi, Thailand, cycling through the countryside is the way to go. Many tourists coming to Krabi, Thailand go sightseeing in rentals, buses, or vans and although they get to see parts of the area, they cannot connect to it the way a cyclist can. Cyclists are outside, usually traveling at a leisurely pace, which allows them to feel the land and interact with the locals in the many villages in the area.

Cycling in Krabi is not for the weak at heart. The climate is hot and humid, and physical activity is more difficult than it would be in a temperate clime; however, the rewards for those who cycle are well worth the effort.

With a mountain bike, which you can rent in Krabi Town or Ao Nang, you can go off the beaten track and explore the countryside on its own terms. Via a network of dirt tracks that take you away from the main roads, you will find beautiful scenery, small farming villages, have the opportunity to interact with Krabi’s very friendly people.

Experience an unseen Krabi, Thailand by cycling tours
Experience an unseen Krabi, Thailand by cycling tours

Should you decide to cycle on the main roads, you will find that most of them have hard shoulders, and drivers are used to seeing cyclists on the road. As always, when cycling, be aware of traffic and cycle defensively.

You can always opt to go on one of the many cycling tours provided by local tour operators. The excursions range from a half-day leisurely bike ride suitable for families with children, to weeklong treks across the country. On the tours, you can visit with the locals, view the limestone cliffs, and swim in cold natural springs.

Whether you decide to go it alone or go on a tour, you will be rewarded with an astoundingly rich experience, one that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Please Note: Not all cycling tours are suitable for children or people with lower physical endurance. Be sure to inquire about the requirements for any cycling tour.

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