Discover delicious and exciting food tours in Bangkok

Discover delicious and exciting food tours in Bangkok, Thailand

Visitors may think it a bit strange to take a food tour in Bangkok, Thailand. However, it is actually a very good idea, especially for first-timers who don’t know their way around the city. The tours provide a safe way to travel, touch on the major food venues, allow for interaction with people from around the world and with locals, and fills the stomach with wonderful food.

Best Eats Midnight Food Tour by Tuk Tuk

Starting at 8 p.m. and ending at midnight, the Best Eats Midnight Tour by Tuk Tuk is a unique way to experience nightlife in Bangkok. Foodies walk part of the way and a traditional three-wheel tuk tuk takes them the rest of the way.

Tourists will be delighted with the Pad Thai and other traditional foods venues that are off the beaten track. They will also visit an awe-inspiring local temple.

There are seven food and drink stops, including a complimentary Thai beer, and a visit to the flower market.

Bangkok Bites and Bike Food Tour

The Bangkok Bites and Bike Food Tour is divided into two separate activities. The tour begins in the morning, walking around to various restaurants in the 100-year-old Bangrak (“Village of Love”) neighborhood. Visitors talk with local restaurant owners, learn their history, and sample their delicious fare.

In the afternoon, a bike ride takes tourists to old town Bangkok, Chinatown and a flower market. It’s a good way to work off the calories from the morning portion of the food tour.

Bangkok Street Food Tour

Those in the know will tell you that street food in Thailand is indescribably delicious. This three-hour tour gives foodies a taste of real local Thai cuisine in Bangkok. Some foods may be uncommon for westerners, but everyone is encouraged to give them a try.

The tour is very educational, with information about Thai cuisine, and the ingredients that go into authentic Thai dishes. Tourists will see that a spoon is the main eating utensil.

Participants will also visit a magnificent local temple.

This tour is for the adventurous, and those with good walking shoes.

Offbeat Floating Markets Food Tour

The Floating Markets Food Tour is a bit of an offbeat way to spend a day; however, no one is ever disappointed with the experience. The tour provides all of the travel required to reach the best floating markets outside of the city. Visitors can interact with the vendors who sell a variety of food from their boats – vegetables, fish, meats, and baked goods – and see the lovely countryside outside of the city.

A highlight of the tour is the Tha Kha Floating market, where visitors can buy food and take a rowboat through a coconut farm. The visit isn’t complete without tasting the local mackerel fried rice.