BASE jumping in Krabi

A guide to the thrill of BASE jumping in Krabi, Thailand

For those that find sunbathing on the beautiful white sandy beaches in Krabi, Thailand just too sedate, give BASE jumping a try. BASE jumping is the extreme sport of jumping off a structure that is very high, and then parachuting down to earth. BASE is an acronym that stands for building, antenna, spans (bridges) and earth (cliffs), the four types of fixed structures from which people jump

The most popular place for willingly jumping off a cliff is from the limestone karsts of Tonsai Bay, supposedly the easiest jump. With its stunning view, Tonsai Wall, next to the Freedom Bar, comes highly recommended. At a mere height of 160 meters, jumpers reach the apex of this massive wall by hiking and climbing up a series of fixed ropes. Upon reaching the top, jumpers will have several exits from which to choose.

Things to Know before BASE Jumping

Here are a few things potential BASE jumpers should know before undertaking the sport.

  • Rock-climbing skills are required
  • Being in good physical shape is a must
  • An understanding that in Krabi the weather is hot and humid
  • The hikes up are difficult and muddy
  • Climbing requires the following equipment: rope, draws, a harness, a packing tarp, and a jumping buddy
  • …and a parachute
  • Wear trail running shoes or sneakers
  • You can rent climbing gear from local shops
  • Have a current guidebook with maps and names of the various walls
  • Plan the time of your jump according to the tides, as you want to land on the beach with plenty of room
  • Bring plenty of water, as dehydration can set in quickly
  • Figure out a way to jump with the gear brought up the cliff, before you climb
  • Medical assistance usually consists of a few locals with a bamboo stretcher
  • Local climbing guides are available who will haul gear and show climbers the exit points
  • Landing is right near the pub, (which could be just where you’ll head after the jump)

If you have the skill and the nerve, BASE jumping is a great adventure in a tropical wonderland. Also, there are not that many places on earth where you can see paradise zip by in just 10 seconds.