Scuba Diving in Krabi

Krabi is famous the world over for its beautiful landscape of white sandy beaches, tropical islands, lush green forests and dramatic limestone cliffs. Yet this stunning scenery is only one half of the story!

Krabi is also rightly renowned for what lies beneath the clear, sparkling waters of the magnificent Andaman Sea – a hidden world of colourful coral reefs and exotic marine life that too, deserves to be discovered.

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Rock Climbing in Krabi

The towering limestone cliffs and craggy outcrops that rise spectacularly from the translucent waters of the Andaman and pepper the lush, Krabi landscape, don’t just make for a pretty photograph – they also provide one of the most thrilling rock climbing environments in the world!

Rock climbing is therefore, an immensely popular adventure sport in Krabi and more than warrants its own page.

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Shop Until You Drop in Krabi!

We strongly recommend leaving plenty of room inside your suitcase when travelling to Krabi. Otherwise, you risk having to purchase a new one, just to cram in all the goodies that you will more than likely want to bring home.

From souvenirs to highly discounted branded clothing, the Krabi shops and bustling markets have got it all, making shopping a potential full time activity. And if you ever needed an excuse to part with your hard earned cash, then you certainly have one in Krabi – aside from the fact that Krabi products represent excellent value for money, spend in excess of THB 5,000 (approx £100) and you will receive a refund on the VAT when you leave. So, in Krabi it actually pays to shop until you drop!

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Dining Out in Krabi

It is safe to assume that if you love food, you’ll adore Krabi! And if you favour authentic southern Thai cuisine or fresh seafood then you’ll be in seventh heaven! But even if your taste buds lean towards more western style cuisine or you simply crave a taste from home, rest assured – there are plenty of quality restaurants to explore.

The provincial capital, Krabi Town, has an excellent assortment of Thai restaurants that range from family run canteens serving up simple, yet delicious meals to more exclusive affairs that excel in fine dining, Thai style. Krabi Town also boasts an abundance of interesting food stalls selling cheap and filling Thai favourites such as Pad Thai. Don’t be frightened to try these as street food is generally safe in Thailand and can be some of the best around. Popular tourist resort Ao Nang is another culinary hot spot, with a wide selection of superb eateries dishing up both international and local Krabi cuisine. Here you can enjoy Italian, French, German, Japanese, Indian and you’ll even find typical British pub grub so you needn’t forego your Sunday roast on holiday!

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A Night on the Tiles – Krabi Style!

One of the many reasons that Krabi is such an increasingly popular holiday destination, is that this versatile province offers something for everyone. Visitors can choose for quiet breaks in secluded locations such as Ko Lanta and Ao Thalane, where they will enjoy absolute peace and tranquillity, or opt for the hustle and bustle of bigger resorts like Ao Nang. So thankfully, relaxation needn’t be at the expense of some night time fun! Don’t expect the sleazy bars and brash nightclubs of Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya though – the Krabi lifestyle is so laid-back, it’s almost horizontal and the same can be said of its night scene! Think more along the lines of chilled out cafes, casual bars and trendy restaurants and you get the picture.

Top Krabi nightspots include fashionable Ao Nang, bohemian Railay East and locals favourite, Krabi Town. Here is our guide to where the action is!

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Krabi Festivals

The diverse Krabi culture is an intoxicating fusion of Buddhist, Islamic, Chinese and even Sea Gypsy traditions and beliefs.

It is also a curious blend of old and new, that is expressed in many entertaining art forms including Like Pa (adapted plays), Shadow Plays, Manora (cultural performances, popular in southern Thailand) and Romng Ngeng (traditional folk dancing), that climax in a number of joyful celebrations throughout the year. Many are unique to Krabi, whilst some are enjoyed throughout the country and share a common theme. To enable you to plan a holiday to Krabi that coincides with one of these delightful festivals, we’ve highlighted our favourites below.

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Memorable Days Out

Part of the appeal of a holiday in Krabi, is that it is so far removed from the routine of every day life. Visitors feel a sense of freedom, partly due to the delightful change in scenery and partly because there are so many novel experiences to try.

So, next time you’re in Krabi, discover a passion for something new and enjoy one of these memorable days out!

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Krabi Beaches

Krabi is blessed with more than its fair share of gorgeous, white sandy beaches and sun worshippers can enjoy some of the most immaculate stretches of shoreline in the entire world. With an excess of some 150 tropical islands, there is a seemingly infinite supply of hidden coves and deserted coastline for you to explore.

To help you decide where to soak up the sun in style, we have outlined a few of the most visited Krabi beaches below.

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