Visit the Khlong Thom Museum

Visit the Khlong Thom Museum and learn about the Southern Silk Route Through Krabi, Thailand

The Khlong Thom Museum is home to a number of artifacts unearthed in nearby areas that prove the existence of the Southern Silk Route through Krabi, Thailand. Most of the artifacts tell Khlong Thom’s story of when it was a major port, trading and manufacturing center. The relics include Roman glass and stone beads, pieces of pottery, official seals, ship fragments, and tools and utensils dating from the second through the 7th century.

The original Silk Road refers to a well-known 6,400-kilometer ancient trade route that linked China to the western world, most notably to Rome and Greece. Silk went west, and wool, gold and silver went east. The land portion of the route crossed Central Asia, Iran, southern Russia and the Near East. Shippers would then deliver the goods to Rome and Greece via the Mediterranean Sea.

However, there was another route uncovered by archeologists. Called the “Southern Silk Road” part of which included the western shores of the Andaman Sea and the southern shores of the Gulf of Thailand, it crossed through Khlong Thom in Krabi between 1,000 or 2,000 years ago. The the route then went on to connect to Europe, Indian and China.

This was a much safer route to take, as there were pirates all along the Straits of Malacca, (which runs between the Indonesian island of Sumatra and Malaysia).

Archeological Evidence of the Silk Route in Khlong Thom

Archeologists found significant evidence proving that there was trade between Khlong Thom and Rome and Khlong Thom and India. Found were shards of black pottery, similar to those found in India, rock crystal pendants with Buddhist symbols, and a stone Buddhist “Wheel of the Law” dating back thousands of years. Also found were Roman coins and glass.

How to Get to Khlong Thom in Krabi

Located on the grounds of the Wat Khlong Thom temple in Krabi, it is on the Phetchakasem Highway heading east of Krabi towards Trang.

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