Thailand top vacation and wedding destination for Indian tourists

Krabi, Thailand top vacation and wedding destination for Indian tourists

Krabi, Thailand on the southwest coast of the Andaman Sea is a top vacation and wedding destination for Indian tourists. With its white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, coral reefs, plentiful caves, waterfalls, limestone cliffs, and 130 islands, it is the perfect place for a holiday or a wedding.

With the advent of a burgeoning larger middle class, Indians are now vacationing in Krabi and other parts of the country more than ever. Indian visitors to Thailand in 2013 totaled 1,049,856, up 3.61% from 2012.

India and Thailand have enjoyed a close relationship for thousands of years, and visitors can easily see the Indian influence of this enduring tie in Thai’s culture, religion, food and language.

Pierre Yves Loriers, Managing Director of Krabi Riviera Villas Co., Ltd., in Krabi, Thailand, a well-known luxury villa rental company, said, “We are seeing an ever-increasing influx of Indian tourists, which is a very welcome trend. The fact that Krabi is their top destination means a great deal in terms of human relations with long-time allies, and is a great boon for the tourist industry here.”

Indian Wedding Tourism in Thailand

Many Indians are choosing Krabi and other areas of Thailand for their weddings. The infrastructure is in place, with a variety of wedding venues, restaurants, highways, and advanced medical care, making it an excellent place to host an important celebration.

The cost of food, drinks, and hotels are less in Thailand than they are in India, so the wedding couple and their guests can afford the cost of traveling to Thailand.

Loriers recommends the villas at Krabi Riviera for those needing wedding accommodations in Krabi. “We have villas that are large enough for 12 people,” Loriers said. “In several of our locations, guests can rent villas on the same property. It’s the perfect site for a wedding party.”

Let Krabi Riviera Villa Help Plan Your Vacation and Your Wedding

An excellent choice of where to stay for those planning a vacation or a wedding in Krabi is at one of the private villas owned by Krabi Riviera Villas. They offer villas that will accommodate from 2 – 12 people. Their villas are also perfect for a honeymooning couple.

Each villa has its own private saltwater pool, beautiful landscapes and surroundings, and spacious living areas, with all the amenities (including Wi-Fi and international cable TV). Villas are located on either a private beach or a quiet and safe residential area. A concierge is always available to help with visitors’ needs, including wedding arrangements.

To contact them or view the vacation rental homes offered by Krabi Riviera Villas throughout Krabi Province, visit Krabi Riviera Villas.