Rock Climbing in Krabi

Rock Climbing in Krabi

The towering limestone cliffs and craggy outcrops that rise spectacularly from the translucent waters of the Andaman and pepper the lush, Krabi landscape, don’t just make for a pretty photograph – they also provide one of the most thrilling rock climbing environments in the world!

Rock climbing is therefore, an immensely popular adventure sport in Krabi and more than warrants its own page.

Rock climbing is actually a relatively risk free sport in Krabi thanks to the compulsory use of ropes and more than 700 bolted routes that employ the standard French grading system. These start at F4, for straightforward climbs suitable for beginners and finish at F8 which include more difficult climbs for the pros. Novice and expert climbers can both find plenty of challenges matched to their individual experience in Krabi. Indeed, many of the Krabi shops sell rock climbing guide books that contain full details of climbing routes in the area, enabling you to map an appropriate route with ease.

And don’t worry, you needn’t pack heavy climbing gear in your suitcase, as quality equipment is easy to obtain in Krabi’s resorts and towns.

Learn to climb in Krabi!

Fortunately rock climbing in Krabi is not a sport purely reserved for athletes, it is a fun and an accessible activity for young and old. If you have never felt the dizzying thrill of seeing the Krabi landscape open up far below you or the satisfaction upon reaching the summit of your first climb, then your next Krabi holiday might just be the perfect moment to give it a try. Krabi boasts an exceptional choice of reputable climbing schools where you’ll be shown the ropes, literally, by friendly and competent instructors. Always confirm that the school is accredited by ACGA before booking your course and you will be in safe hands. Many offer introductory courses which include your instruction, insurance (very important if your travel insurance doesn’t already cover adventure sports), all equipment, transport to the designated climb site and refreshments throughout the course of the day.

Where to climb

So, now your ready for the adrenalin rush of your maiden climb! Tonsai and Railay are both ideal places to get started – they not only offer gentle, introductory climbing, but the ultimate reward of breathtaking views over the sparkling Andaman Sea.

Experienced climbers can head straight for Tham Phra Nang and Railay East which afford some truly dramatic climbing routes for professionals. The iconic cliffs, sheer crags, pocketed rock faces and radical overhangs dotted with stalagmites, present a serious challenge amidst stunning scenery. Plus, you won’t need to concern yourself with frostbite or hypothermia in the balmy, tropical climate of Krabi!

If you plan to enjoy a lot of climbing on your Krabi holiday, it is always handy to book your hotel accommodation in the areas that you intend to explore. Tonsai and Railay both offer a wide range of accommodation located conveniently near several of the main climb sites.

Finally, don’t forget that one of the best ways to unwind after a days climbing is with a therapeutic Thai massage, great for relaxing tired muscles and relieving any aches and pains!