Retirement in Krabi

Retirement in Krabi

Retirement Abroad

These days pensioners are no longer content to settle for a pipe and slippers and choose for a little more adventure in their autumn years instead. Many count down the days to their impending retirement in a state of excited anticipation of this new phase in their lives, one where the ties of a career and the financial constraints of a mortgage may no longer apply. Some simply cannot wait until they are 65 to collect their pension and make financial provisions to retire much earlier, so that they have sufficient time to enjoy their freedom – for them the world truly is their oyster! Retirement is often a catalyst for relocation abroad, and whilst the British have traditionally taken their pensions to countries like Spain or France, many are now tempted by the lure of more exotic countries such as Thailand, where the cheaper cost of living and superb climate are just too hard to resist.

Recent political stability, a sound economy and the opportunity for solid and regulated financial investments are increasing Thailand’s appeal as a retirement destination. The great news is that it is also relatively straightforward to retire to this delightful country! The only qualifications necessary for a 1 year renewable Thai Pension Visa are that you are over 50 years of age and in receipt of a regular pension.

Retirement in Krabi

If you are contemplating retirement in Thailand, then why not consider putting down roots in the up and coming province of Krabi, in the south west of the country? Beautiful Krabi with its flourishing expat community and extraordinarily friendly locals, has everything the modern retiree could possibly need for an idyllic old age!

An Outdoor Life Style

Krabi boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in Thailand and is famous for its laid-back, outdoor lifestyle. With year round sun you can spend your days relaxing by the side of your villa pool, enjoying regular al-fresco dining or taking up typical retirement activities such as gardening, sailing, walking, fishing or golf. Cheap domestic help is readily available too, releasing you from household chores and allowing you to explore Krabi’s stunning beaches, deserted islands and lush, green forests at your leisure.

World Class Facilities

Having access to quality heath care is fundamental for the majority of pensioners. Fortunately Krabi has a excellent range of medical facilities, including well stocked pharmacies and decent hospitals. It is also home to a fantastic selection of western style supermarkets, shops and outlet malls. And, if you somehow tire of the deliciously fragrant and exceptionally healthy local cuisine, you can appreciate a taste of home in one of the many international restaurants concentrated in the tourist resorts such as Ao Nang.


Krabi may be a million miles away from the grey skies and economic gloom of the UK, but you certainly won’t feel isolated. Conveniently located Krabi International Airport and nearby Phuket International Airport both offer regular flights to and from Bangkok where you can take a connecting flight home. And friends and family will find it so easy to visit, that you may not have a moment to yourself!
Krabi Airport benefits from direct flights to many other Asian countries too, making it an ideal base for exotic holidays. The vibrant city of Singapore for example, is just over one hour from Krabi by plane.

Quality Housing Options

There is a superb choice of comparatively affordable housing in Krabi and with a good selection of reputable architects and developers, it is perfectly feasible to design and build your own contemporary Thai villa, to your exact specifications. Krabi homes are built to western standards and combine the very best in Thai architecture with all the comforts of modern living. As the costs are significantly lower than in the UK, you’ll be able to treat yourself to life’s little luxuries such as a private pool or a decadent hot tub.

Cost of Living

Your pounds will stretch a lot further in Krabi, affording a standard of living you could only dream of back home. Dining out, shopping trips, cocktails on the beach and frequent excursions will be no longer be a rare extravagance, but a regular indulgence!

Low Crime Rate

Thailand in general and Krabi in particular, have an exceptionally low crime rate. Providing you take sensible precautions in the busy tourist resorts (where pickpockets are known to operate), you are highly unlikely to ever become a victim of crime.

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