Plan an exciting wedding in Thailand with elephants

Plan an exotic and exciting wedding in Thailand with elephants

If you’re looking for a meaningful, yet exotic wedding in Thailand, consider one of the truly exotic elephant wedding packages available. The elephant is one of the national symbols of Thailand, long associated with royalty and battler. They are revered for their intelligence, memory and gentle nature.

Elephant Wedding Packages in Thailand

Wedding planning companies in Thailand offer several different elephant wedding packages. Here is a sampling of the packages available.

  • An elephant wedding ceremony at Phang Nga National Park is an unforgettable experience. Located just north of Phuket Island on the western coast of the Andaman Sea, the park is actively involved in elephant conservation. A wedding ceremony there takes place in a tropical rainforest, full of natural flora and fauna. In fact, the largest flower in the world, the rafflesia, grows there. (It can reach a diameter of 100 centimeters and a weight of up to 10 kilograms.)

At the parks’ Tone Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary, the couple stops at the monkey temple to feed them. Next comes a photo shoot at a limestone cave, followed by a trip to the mountain where the elephants are located. The couple and their guests ride the elephants to the actual wedding location that takes place in the middle of a calm and shallow river surrounded by waterfalls. The Master of Ceremonies the staff, the elephants, and any guests serve as witnesses to the western ceremony.

Wine or champagne is then served, and if desired, doves released. The affair concludes with the lighting and release of a sky lantern, symbolizing good luck and prosperity for the couple.

  • An elephant wedding on the beach with a Thai ceremony is both meaningful and romantic. It begins with a Thai Buddhist Blessing Ceremony, where the couple presents offerings to the monks, followed by chanting, and then followed by a blessing from the head monk. The head monk pours holy water over the couples’ joined hands and sprinkles some lightly over their bodies. Prayers are recited for the couple and their guests.

The couple then mounts the elephant who takes them to the site of the ceremony. Rituals are performed, including the giving of flower garlands to the couple, painting three dots on their forehands, and connecting their heads with a linked sling.

Next, the couple recites their wedding vows and they exchange rings. A monk then performs the water blessing ceremony, pouring sacred water on the couples’ hands for good luck and cool hearts. Thai performers are usually on hand to perform a love dance.

The couple once again mounts the elephant who takes them to the next location, where champagne or wine is served, and where the couple plants a memorial tree. At the conclusion, the couple lights and releases a sky lantern.

  • An elephant wedding on the beach with a western ceremony is also available.

Married couples who have chosen an elephant wedding say that the elephant wedding was one of the most meaningful and emotional events of their lives. They are in awe of the gentle and intelligent elephants and embrace the significance of sharing their wedding with the best nature offers.

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