Tiger Cave in Krabi

Other attractions

If you’ve somehow managed to exhaust the infinite number of Krabi sporting activities, stunning National Parks, beautiful islands and picturesque beaches, or perhaps want to entertain the kids with something a little different, then there are a number of exciting Krabi visitor attractions, well worth a visit.

Diamond Cave at Railay

Although this probably won’t provide a full day’s entertainment, the Diamond Cave located at the north end of the beach at Railay East is definitely worth a peek if you are already visiting this remote peninsula. The cave, which features an extraordinarily high ceiling, is home to a colony of bats and contains a magical display of stalactites and stalagmites.

Fossil Shell Cemetery (Susaan Hoi)

Situated in the Hat Noppharat Thara National Park, not far from the Krabi tourist resort of Ao Nang, is the intriguing Shell Cemetery, where fossilised shells are preserved in layers of rock on the seashore. Many of these shells were once small creatures that lived in a huge fresh water swamp, until it was flooded by seawater some 40 million years ago, resulting in the fossils that can be seen today. This fascinating attraction is one of only three such sites in the world. There is also a small museum for those keen to learn more about this interesting natural phenomenon.

Khao Kanab Nam

Take a pleasant 15 minute boat trip from Chao Fa Pier in Krabi Town, to this famous symbol of Krabi, formed from two large rocks over 100 meters high. Upon arrival you can explore a warren of caves where a significant number of human skeletons have been found. They are said to be the remains of ancient visitors who once became cut off by flood waters.

Klong Thom Hot Springs

For something out of the ordinary, book a day trip to the curious Klong Thom Hot Springs situated in a jungle reserve in the south of the province. The Klom Thom Hot Springs are natural ‘hot tubs’, carved from rocks over the centuries and heated by thermal spring waters which originate in the volcanic chambers far below. These waters are rich in mineral salts and even thought to have healing powers. A day trip includes transport to the area, a visit to the springs and a walk through the surrounding rain forest to a blue lagoon, where you can relax and enjoy a swim. Lunch and refreshments will generally be provided and many tours include a visit to the Wat Klong Thom temple before returning you to your Krabi hotel or villa.

Krabi Contemporary Art Museum

Art lovers can enjoy colourful exhibitions showcasing talented Krabi artists at the Krabi Contemporary Art Museum, located in Krabi Town and open from 10.00 to 5.00 Tuesday to Sunday. Tab Kak Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail

For a breathtaking view of Ao Nang and an excellent photo opportunity, try this gentle walk. It begins just over one mile from Klong Muang beach and winds through 2 miles of jungle before reaching a small summit.

The Tiger Temple

For a more spiritual experience head to the enchanting Tiger Temple – actually a network of small caves, this most celebrated of Thai temples is located around 2 miles north of the provincial capital, Krabi Town on the brow of a mountain. A steep climb of 1237 steps is rewarded with panoramic views over Krabi and the beautiful temple itself, containing both the footprint of the Buddha and of the tiger that, legend has it, once lived there. Make sure that you wear conservative clothes and preferably visit at sunrise or sunset when the heat is less oppressive.

Wat Kaew

This new temple in Krabi Town is a stunning mix of contemporary and traditional Thai architecture. As with all places of worship, dress appropriately for your visit.

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