new police station in Phi Phi Don in Krabi

Plans approved to build new police station in Phi Phi Don in Krabi, Thailand

Plans are underway to build a police station in Phi Phi Don in Krabi, Thailand that will be the base of operations for 40 new police officers. The present force consists of twelve officers at the current station.

The Royal Thai Police in Bangkok approved the hiring of the new officers, who will come under the administration of Krabi Province. Phi Phi Don was chosen as the location for the station and increased police presence, as it is the largest and most heavily populated of all of the Phi Phi islands.

Krabi City Police Superintendent Sompong Thipa-arpakul, said that the new station would be a big improvement over the island’s current station, better equipped and better staffed.

“A new station is necessary to cope with the growing workload of cases resulting from the rising number of tourists and immigrant workers, as well as Phi Phi’s growing local population,” Colonel Sompong explained. “The current station is just too small to cope with the more than 5,000 residents and 10,000 tourists that visit every day. With 40 more police officers, security will improve, leading to a safer, better quality of life for residents and tourists alike.”

Managing Director Pierre Yves Loriers of Krabi Riviera Co., Ltd., a well-established tourist villa management and construction company in Krabi, Thailand, said, “I welcome the construction of a new police station, as well as the hiring of additional police in Phi Phi Don.”

“Although the crime rate in Krabi Province is low,” Loriers said, “we must plan for additional growth at all levels. As Krabi continues to develop as a tourist haven, it is essential that visitors feel safe and know that they are protected.”

The location for the station on a five-rai plot of land, about 1 kilometer from the present station, has been selected. The Royal Forest Department (RFD) must first grant permission for the construction project, as the property belongs to them. A response from them RFD is expected at any time.

Krabi City Police Lt. Colonel Dania Niyomdecha will oversee the construction of the station, which is expected to begin in April 2015. Although the budget awaits approval from the Royal Thai Police headquarters in Bangkok, plans are to have the new station completed within one year.