Thai Street Food

Krabi, Thailand night markets and street food

When you visit Krabi, Thailand, and if you are like most travelers, you know that one of the best things about traveling is the chance to eat the local foods.

Thai Street Food in Krabi, Thailand

Two main daily night markets in Krabi, Thailand provide an abundance of opportunities to taste Krabi Thai street food. There you will get a chance to experience the real food of southern Thailand with a huge variety of curries, meats, seafood, barbecue, sweets and a variety of beverages. The cuisine offers Muslim, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, and Thai dishes at incredibly inexpensive prices.

Chao Fah Night Market

The Chao Fah Night Market is Krabi’s largest, located on Khong Kha Road, next to the old Chao Fah pier. The market opens in the late afternoon after the heat of the day, at around 5:00 p.m. More like an open food court with tables and chairs set on a 1,400 sq. meter parking lot, the cooling air from the Andaman Sea makes dining out very pleasant.

Maharat Soi 10 Night Market

The Soi 10 night market in Krabi Town, with its endless array of food stalls, is opposite the City Hall on Maharat Road. Here you can sample pad Thai, catfish, soups, salads, and other seafood with a Malaysian and Muslim influence.

As in the Chao Fah Night Market, seating is available for a sit-down meal at a table filled with local condiments – cucumbers, Asian eggplants, fresh long beans, and hot, spicy nam prik dipping sauce.

The Food at Krabi’s Food Stalls and Night Markets

There is an amazing variety of foods at these markets. You’ll see metal tubs filled with a concoction of seafood, pork, vegetables, and beef or chicken. Southern fried curries are popular, as are roti and hot and spicy fishcakes in chili jam. For the uninitiated, here are descriptions of some of the more popular foods.

  • Roti is a flat round bread, flaky on the outside and moist on the inside, and cooked on a griddle.


  • Pad Thai is a fried rice noodle dish made with eggs, tofu, tamarind, fish sauce, garlic, and seafood. Sometimes it includes roasted peanuts, bean sprouts, and raw banana flowers. It’s all up to the chef.


  • Yellow chicken biryani (khao mok gai), influenced by Indian cuisine, is a mixture of yellow rice and chicken, made with a variety of fragrant spices, deep fried onions, cucumber, chilies and yogurt.


  • Grass jelly is a dessert made with mesona chinensis, a species of mint found in Asia, and mixed with sweet syrup. It is a chilled dessert, making it a nice ending to a sometimes hot and spicy meal.


  • Stink beans (sator) may not sound very appetizing, but it gets rave reviews as a tasty veggie with very high nutritional value. It receives its name from the aroma on one’s breath after eating (although not as pungent as garlic breath), and seems to hang around after you go to the bathroom (a bean will be a bean, after all). That said, its taste is delicious and it is often combined with other foods, like shrimp.

If you are unsure of what you might be eating, you can ask what a particular food is so you can make some informed choices on what to eat. Be adventurous, and give some of Krabi’s street market foods a try.

Bon appetit!

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