Kayaking to Ban Bo Thor in Krabi, Thailand

If you like to visit places off the beaten track, then a kayak trip to Ban Bo Thor in Krabi, Thailand is the perfect sightseeing activity for you. Ban Bo Thor is north of Ao Nang on the northern coast of Krabi. There are only four paved roads that can get you there, past limestone mountains and mangroves. The roads all end at the fishing village of Leam Sak on the Andaman Sea.

Sights to See when Kayaking to Ban Bo Thor

Ban Bo Thor is a national park, about a 40 to 50 minute bus ride from Ao Nang or Krabi. Consisting of many inlets and a complex system of rivers, it is believed to be one of the oldest areas of human occupation in Thailand. Archeologists have found significant proof of prehistoric human life, including skeletal remains, pottery, tools and cave paintings.

As you kayak through tunnel openings of limestone cliffs, you will visit several caves.

  • At Tham Lod Nua Cave, you will see beautiful stalactites and stalagmites adorning the walls and ceiling.


  • Phi Hau To Cave (“Ghost Cave”) was given its name from the discovery of seven skeletons in the cavern and their nearby pottery. The cave is also famous for the prehistoric paintings on the cave walls.

Paddling through the river system, you will pass huge limestone mountains surrounded by mangrove forests. The awe-inspiring Leam Taeng karst, named after the long Thai cucumber, is a huge 400 meter high and 8 kilometer long wall, and is likened to a miniature Wall of China.

Koh Chong Laad, is one of the most spectaular cliffs you will see, rising approximately 300 meters from the sea. There you will find caves, beaches and beautiful coves. Prehistoric occupation is evident here as well, with the presence of painted pictographs on the underside of the some of the overhangs.

As you continue south, you will see a ring of 40 different islands on the horizon dotting the beautiful sparking waters.

If you happen to be kayaking around low tide, you will see locals gathering food from the seabed – crabs, eels, shrimp, fish, and octopi. Digging with sticks to unearth their finds, they are incredible reminders that a part of human life hasn’t changed for millenia.

On the way back, you can relax and refresh yourself with a swim in the cold stream waters of Phu Thara. Once back at Leam Sak, you might want to eat at one of the restaurants there, where, as you might expect, delicious, freshly-caught seafood is the main menu item.

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