Kayaking and Snorkeling in the Hong Islands

Two-in-One Tour: Kayaking and Snorkeling in the Hong Islands in Krabi, Thailand

This two-in-one tour provides a full day of fun in the sun and the beautiful waters of the Hong Islands in Krabi, Thailand. The tour, arranged for guests of Krabi Rivera Co., Ltd. in Krabi, includes kayaking and snorkeling in and around Hong Island, Pakbia Island, and Lahding Island.

English-speaking tour guides will take you to the Hong Islands via a longboat, a traditional Southeast Asian sea vessel that uses an automobile engine as its power source. Once you reach the islands, you will transfer to your own kayak.

Highlights of the Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour

  • Uninhabited by humans Koh Hong (Hong Island) is part of the Tharn Bok Khorani Park, and is the largest of all of the Hong Islands. It’s a beautiful island surrounded by limestone cliffs and talcum powdery sand. Here you will kayak around the island and mangroves forests, and then enter into the crystal-clear blue waters of the Hong Lagoon via a narrow inlet through gigantic limestone cliffs.

After kayaking, you’ll arrive back at Hong Island Bay where you will be provided with a delicious picnic lunch.

  • The next two locations are Pakbia Island and Koh Lahding (Paradise Island).  Here you will be able to swim, enjoy the beach, soak up the beautiful scenery and snorkel to your heart’s content. There is abundant marine life and beautifully colored coral reefs to explore in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea.

Pakbia Island has a many caves due to the constant erosion caused by seawater, which makes it a great island for exploration.

Paradise Island is known for its abundant birds’ nests, which locals collect to make a traditional bird nest soup.

The Two-In-One Kayaking and Snorkeling Tour Schedule

Krabi Riviera will arrange for guests to be picked up from their villa or hotel between 08:00 and 08:30 and will transport them to the pier at Ao Nang for the tour.

The boat departs from Ao Nang at 09:00

Tourists arrive back at Ao Nang Beach at 16:00 hours, after which they will be transferred back to their Krabi accommodations.


Adults 1400 BHT, Children 1000 BHT

Contact Information

For more information about this excursion, please call: +66 75 695 633 or +66 84 154 0808, or send an email to [email protected].

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