Thailand from Krabi International Airport

Getting to Krabi, Thailand from Krabi International Airport

There are several ways for tourists to get to Krabi, Thailand from Krabi International Airport upon arrival. Located on the main highway on Route 4, approximately 25 kilometers from Ao Nang, 70 kilometers, from Koh Lanta, and 9 kilometers to the center of Krabi Town, the airport provides several airport transportation options for tourists that will take them anywhere in Krabi Province.

Tourists who feel comfortable driving in Krabi can rent a car, use one of the airport’s authorized transfer services, or use a touring company’s pre-paid transfer services. In addition, many hotels will pre-arrange airport pickup for their guests.

Krabi, Thailand Airport Car Rental Companies

For the western traveler, familiar international car rental companies do business at the Krabi International Airport – Avis, National, and Budget Rent-A-Car. Tourists can rent a car at one of their airport booths, or have a car ready for pickup from a previous online arrangement.

Krabi International Airport’s Authorized Transfer Services

There are official airport bus and airport taxi services. All of the taxis operate on a fixed rate, so tourists don’t have to worry about being over-charged. Travelers simply buy a taxi coupon at the proper booth inside the terminal and then go outside for a taxi. The official airport bus service leaves five times daily to various destinations, such as Ao Nam Mao and Ao Nang. The price depends on the destination.

Pre-Paid Transfer Services

Several online tour companies allow tourists to book their transfer service to take them to their Krabi accommodations. The prices are about the same as those of taxis, but travelers will save time because they won’t have to wait in long lines to pay for a taxi coupon.

Hotel Pre-Arranged Pickup Service

Pierre Yves Loriers, Managing Director of Krabi Riviera Villas Co., Ltd., in Krabi, Thailand, a well-known luxury villa rental company said, “We have our own airport transfer service for all our guests staying in any of our villas. We offer this service to provide safe transport, and to give our guests a sense of security knowing they will be well taken care of during their travels.”

“Krabi, Thailand is a very safe place,” Loriers continued, “but we recommend pre-arranged pickup service provided by your hotel as a matter not only of ensured safety, but because of the convenience. It’s the best way to go if you are a first-timer to Krabi.”

Returning to Krabi International Airport

Returning to Krabi International Airport is simple. Travelers can get an airport transfer from their hotel, take a taxi, a bus, or pre-book through a touring company. They need to bear in mind that some of the services take longer to reach the airport because of stops made along the way. If staying on one of the islands, there could be possible ferry delays and the trip to the airport could take up to three hours. Travelers just need to make certain they give themselves plenty of time to get to the airport to make their flight.

No matter which method of airport transportation travelers choose, visitors can feel confident that their visit to wonderful Krabi will be exciting, relaxing, and enjoyable.