Emerald pool in Krabi

Enjoy a full-day hot stream and rainforest tour at Khao Nor Chu Chi National Park near Krabi, Thailand

Enjoy a full-day tour at the Khao Nor Chu Chi rainforest near Krabi, Thailand, a primeval jungle of verdant vines, bamboo, ancient trees, thermal and cold natural springs, and abundant wildlife.

The tour will take you on a walk in the jungle, swimming in the natural waters, a visit to a rubber plantation, and a guided nature walk through the rainforest.

Highlights of the Khao Nor Chu Chi National Park Tour

Begin your day walking through the jungle on a wooden platform to visit the thermal stream in the middle of this tropical forest. You’ll certainly want to take a dip in its beautiful hot waters under shaded trees, which are enriched by natural mineral salts. It’s said the thermal pool is excellent for soothing aching muscles.

After a relaxing soak in the warm pool, you’ll next visit a local rubber plantation and learn how latex sheets are produced using a tapping method to extract the rubber from the trees. Local workers use an age-old technique of extraction in which the trunk of the tree is carved, allowing the sap to flow freely into containers.

The next stop is an informative walk through the Nature Trail in Thung Theo where you will learn about and see the enormous biodiversity of the area. Thung Theo the last major area of lowland rainforest remaining in Thailand.

To cap off a most extraordinary day in the rainforest, you will visit Sra Morakot, also known as the Emerald Pool. The water is clear blue and inviting. You will find it extremely refreshing, especially after experiencing the heat and humidity of the forest.

The final stop is the Tiger Temple (Wat Tum Sua), a famous cultural and mediation center within a cave. Surrounded by trees over 1000-years-old, the temple received its name from what appears to be tiger prints on the stone floor. There is also a nearby rock formation resembling a tiger’s claw and legend has it that a tiger once made the cave his home.

The cave has two levels. To reach the top level, you must be fit enough to climb over 1,200 steps. If you choose the climb, you will be rewarded with seeing the shrine of Buddha on top of the mountain and a breathtaking view of the landscape.

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