Festivals and Events in Krabi, Thailand

There are several festivals and events in and around Krabi, Thailand that you can enjoy while delighting in a villa holiday at one of our Krabi Riviera vacation homes. The activities highlight aspects of traditional Thai culture, the sea, sports, and Thailand’s king and queen.

Queen Sirikit’s Birthday

Every August 12, the country celebrates the birthday of her majesty, Queen Sirikit, which is also Mother’s Day in Thailand. Known as the “Mother of all Thais”, in 1976, the government declared her birthday a national holiday and changed Mother’s Day, normally celebrated on April 15, to coincide with the day of her birth.

Throughout the month of August, pictures of the queen, festive lights and other decorations adorn public places and private homes to mark the occasion. On the 12th, events include an alms-giving ceremony, a nationwide candle lighting ceremony, and fireworks displays.

Setting Adrift of the Chao Le (Sea Gypsies) Boats

Setting Adrift of the Chao Le Boats at Kho Lanta Island is a celebration that occurs during the full moon of the sixth and eleventh lunar months. As part of this religious ceremony, Krabi’s Sea Gypsies (the Chao Le), a nomadic seafaring people, sing and dance their traditional “Rong Ngen”, while setting the boats gently adrift. They hope that this rite will bring them prosperity, good fortune, and happiness.

Laanta Lanta Festival

The Laanta Lanta Festival is a three-day annual event in March where the different cultures of Thailand meet together and celebrate. There are musical and dance performances, including the Sea Gypsies’ “Rong Ngen”, reggae and contemporary jazz. Delicious multi-cultural foods and exotic drinks are available, as are vendors displaying and selling traditional arts and crafts. There are also folk games and water sports competitions.

Krabi International Rock Climbing Competition

The Krabi International Rock Climbing Competition attracts rock climbers and tourists from around the world. Held at Railay Beach, the limestone mountain cliffs are a daunting invitation to daredevils. There are over 600 different mountain climbs, several of which are world class. Competitors compete for cash prizes.

Sat Duan Sip Festival (Festival of the Tenth Lunar Month)

The Sat Duan Sip Festival, translated as the “Festival of the Tenth Lunar Month”, honors the departed ancestors of the Thai people. They believe that the spirits of their deceased relatives are permitted to visit earth from the first to the last day of the waning moon in the tenth lunar month. Relatives prepare elaborate, artistic and delicious food offerings in baskets for their ancestors and then bring the baskets to the local monastery. The procession to the monasteries is both colorful and joyful.

Chak Phra Festival

The Chak Phra Festival (translated as “The Pulling”) is an event commemorating the day Buddha returned to earth. This also marks the three-month period of Lent for Buddhist monks. The period signifies Buddha’s ascent to heaven to give a sermon to his mother who died giving birth to him, with disciples and supporters greeting him upon his return to earth.

In the morning of the Chak Phra Festival, Buddhists collect alms and give them to the monks at the local monastery. Afterwards, local villagers pull a statue of Buddha along with several participating monks, on highly decorated and artistic floats for a celebratory procession.

Krabi Boek Fa Andaman Festival

Krabi Boek Fa Andaman (translated as “Opening the Andaman Sea”) takes place for 3 days in November of each year. It marks the official opening of the tourist season and Krabi takes great pains in making it a delightful occasion. This particular festival, influenced by Indian culture, features sea sports competitions (kayaking and boat races), parades, cultural music and dance performed by the locals, and the sale of traditional and locally-produced Thai food, drinks and products.

King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Birthday

Every year on December 5, Thailand celebrates the birthday of His Royal Highness King Bhumibol Adulyadej. To honor his birthday, in 1987 nearby Phuket began hosting the King’s Cup Regatta, now one of the largest sailing competitions in Asia. A personal envoy of the king is on hand to present the King’s Cup to the winning boat.

These are just a few of the exciting and intriguing activities that take place in Krabi throughout the year. All of them represent the respect the Thais have one another and the beauty of the country.