English television and radio stations in Krabi

English television and radio stations in Krabi, Thailand

If you get the urge to watch television or want to listen to music on the radio while vacationing in Krabi, Thailand, you may not have the variety you are accustomed to, but you will be able to find something for your viewing and listening pleasure.

Television Stations

There are six main channels in Thailand, some of which have English programs. They are Channels 3, 5, 7, 9, NBT (National Broadcasting Service of Thailand, and Thai PBS (Thai Public Broadcasting Service).

True Visions UBC is the biggest satellite television provider in Thailand, and has a number of channels in English. It has a large variety of programming, including movies, series, documentaries, sports, animals, children’s, travel, local arts, local culture and news.

You might have trouble if you bring some DVDs with you, as some DVD players are region locked, meaning they are programmed to play only DVDs from the region in which they were first used. Thailand is in DVD Region 3.

Radio Stations

There are hundreds of AM and FM radio stations in Thailand, some of which are controlled by the Thai government.  Although most broadcast in the Thai language, some stations do broadcast English language programs.

There are two AM radio stations in the Krabi region:

720 kHz Radio Thailand

963 kHz Sor. Wor. Sor

The following is a directory of FM radio stations broadcasting in Krabi Province:

9.00 Jukebox Radio

19.25 OK Love

90.00 OK Hook

93.50 Hot Radio

94.00 Learning Station

96.00 Unity Radio

98.50 Radio Thailand

101.00 Tourist Radio

101.75 Taxi Radio

102.00 Ro Iuek Radio

102.75 Radio Thom

104.00 Variety Radio

105.00 MCOT (Mass Communication Organization of Thailand) Radio

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