English language newspapers and magazines in Krabi

English language newspapers and magazines in Krabi, Thailand

Whenever you travel abroad, it’s always nice to be able to read a newspaper or magazine in your own language. You won’t have any problem when visiting Krabi, Thailand, as there are several English language newspapers and magazines available there. You can find them in bars, pubs, tourist-shopping areas, and bookstores. Some are free of charge. You can also access free and subscription publications online.

Newspapers Available in Krabi, Thailand

The newspapers available in Krabi, Thailand range from weekly local papers to national daily publications.

  • Krabi.uk: This online publication features news about and events in Krabi, Ao Nang Beach, and Thailand. It also includes free classified ads, yellow pages and business listings.
  • Phuket Gazette: The Phuket Gazette is a weekly printed newspaper. You can also read the online version. It contains local, regional and national, events, and classified advertisements.
  • Phuket Post: This online publication contains local and national news, as well as lifestyle articles, business news, sports, dining, classifieds and events
  • Bangkok Post: This publication is the national English-language newspaper in Thailand and is available in both print form and online.
  • The Nation: The Nation is a national e-newspaper with local and international news, news about politics, travel, technology, business, sports, and an opinion section.
  • KhaoLak Echo: Bi-weekly review of local Khao Lak and Phang Nga news, as well as national Thai news. Paper copy and online version available.

Magazines Available in Krabi, Thailand

  • Krabi Magazine: Krabi Magazine comes out monthly online, and includes articles on local events, restaurants, music, culture, wine, Krabi activities, sports, and many other feature articles.
  • Trip Store Krabi: An online magazine about the latest travel news in Krabi.
  • Asia Life Magazine: This print magazine is a glossy English-language magazine reporting regional news about Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • Thai Guru Magazine: This is an online publication about destinations off the beaten track in Thailand. Filled with photographs and videos, the magazine also offers a smartphone and Android phone app.
  • Shop Window on Lifestyle: This is a monthly online magazine featuring articles about travel, activities, yachting, boating, restaurants and more in Krabi, Phuket and Phang Nga.

These are some of the major and more popular print and online publications, but there are many more you can discover online, including newspapers from your own country of residence.