Thai postage stamps depict Thailand’s culture and history

The postage stamps in Thailand depict various aspects in Thai culture, using as subjects everything from children playing folk games to his Majesty the King, Bhumibol Adulyadej. As in all cultures, many stamps are uniquely artistic and informative, and are treasured by stamp collectors.

The following describes the cultural history behind some of Thailand’s most interesting stamps. Continue reading Thai postage stamps depict Thailand’s culture and history

The meaning and use of Chinese fortune sticks in Thai Buddhist temples

As you travel around Thailand, you will likely visit several Buddhist temples. In many of the Thai Buddhist temples, you will see Chinese fortune sticks, traditionally referred to as kau cim or chien tung. Chinese fortune sticks are a type of fortune telling practice, with origins in China. It was later brought to Thailand with the influx of Chinese immigrants. Many people in Thailand have a great deal of faith in fortune telling, no matter what their economic or social status is. Continue reading The meaning and use of Chinese fortune sticks in Thai Buddhist temples

Krabi, Thailand night markets and street food

When you visit Krabi, Thailand, and if you are like most travelers, you know that one of the best things about traveling is the chance to eat the local foods.

Thai Street Food in Krabi, Thailand

Two main daily night markets in Krabi, Thailand provide an abundance of opportunities to taste Krabi Thai street food. There you will get a chance to experience the real food of southern Thailand with a huge variety of curries, meats, seafood, barbecue, sweets and a variety of beverages. The cuisine offers Muslim, Chinese, Malaysian, Indian, and Thai dishes at incredibly inexpensive prices. Continue reading Krabi, Thailand night markets and street food

Airlines that fly directly to Krabi, Thailand make traveling a breeze

Now that the Krabi International Airport is open and more and more people are looking to Krabi, Thailand as a destination to spend their holiday, there are certain airlines that now provide direct flights. This information is important as it gives visitors the ability to plan vacations more conveniently.

What airlines fly to Krabi, Thailand?

There are several airlines that schedule flights to Krabi, Thailand, with more being added all of the time. Below is a list of airlines that currently schedule direct flights. Please check with the individual airline for flight time information and bear in mind that the number of direct flights is subject to change. Continue reading Airlines that fly directly to Krabi, Thailand make traveling a breeze

Travel to Krabi

Krabi is blessed with superb transport connections – it’s modern International Airport Terminal that boasts shopping (no duty free), restaurant, currency exchange and ATM facilities, is conveniently located around 5 miles from bustling Krabi Town, approximately 17 miles from tourist favourite Ao Nang and just over 40 miles from the stunning island paradise of Ko Lanta.

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Weather and When to go

Tropical Climate

The fact that Krabi is fast becoming one of Thailand’s number one holiday resorts and an increasingly popular worldwide travel destination, can at in part be attributed to a tropical climate that practically guarantees beautiful weather.

Annual average temperatures seldom sink lower than a balmy 27°C, which means that you can visit at almost any time of year and still enjoy better weather than back at home. And, with average daily sunshine exceeding 7 glorious hours, you can be sure of a healthy dose of vitamin C too! Temperatures start to really fry between April and May and can often reach a blistering 36°C, so a high factor sun cream is an absolute must. There is some relief from the intense heat and humidity from November through to March, before the monsoon season brings some much needed rain in April. Continue reading Weather and When to go

Getting Around

Where to Stay in Krabi and Getting Around

You will certainly be well looked after in Krabi – there is a staggering range of Krabi holiday accommodation that caters for everyone, from hippy tripping backpackers to the more refined traveller. There is a fantastic selection of budget hostels, mid-range hotels, five star spa resorts and self catering Thai holiday villas. These are scattered amongst the very distinct Krabi tourists resorts and towns that each have a unique character and flavour of their own.

To help you decide where to stay in Krabi, we’ve put together a brief description of the main tourist resorts and towns. Continue reading Getting Around