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Memorable Days Out

Part of the appeal of a holiday in Krabi, is that it is so far removed from the routine of every day life. Visitors feel a sense of freedom, partly due to the delightful change in scenery and partly because there are so many novel experiences to try.

So, next time you’re in Krabi, discover a passion for something new and enjoy one of these memorable days out!

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Krabi Beaches

Krabi is blessed with more than its fair share of gorgeous, white sandy beaches and sun worshippers can enjoy some of the most immaculate stretches of shoreline in the entire world. With an excess of some 150 tropical islands, there is a seemingly infinite supply of hidden coves and deserted coastline for you to explore.

To help you decide where to soak up the sun in style, we have outlined a few of the most visited Krabi beaches below.

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Krabi’s National Parks

A holiday in Krabi will spoil you with unlimited access to some of the most spectacular natural environments in the world.

Much of the beautiful province is actually protected and lies within great swathes of national park and conservation areas, which you can easily stumble upon without even realising. The very accessibility of these diverse nature reserves means that you don’t have to be a die hard conservationist prepared to rough it, to appreciate the breathtaking scenery and fascinating array of exotic wildlife that is, quite literally on your doorstep.

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Krabi’s Islands

That quintessential, deserted tropical island is not as illusive as you might think! Whether you merely want to escape from the hustle and bustle of modern day life, enjoy some incredible diving and snorkelling, or simply tan yourself on some of the worlds most beautiful beaches, you’re sure to find your very own treasure island among the 150 or so that Krabi has to choose from.

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Krabi and beyound

A visit to Krabi will leave you well placed to explore some other delightful Thai provinces, each with a unique character all of their own. Krabi is bordered by Phang Nga to the north west, Surat Thani to the north east, Nakhon Si Thammarat to the east and Trang to the south and, although it shares no land boundary, Phuket is just two hours west.

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