bring your pets when visiting or moving to Thailand

Deciding whether to bring your pets when visiting or moving to Thailand

There are several things you need to consider carefully when deciding whether to bring your pets with you on holiday when visiting Thailand, or moving them with you when settling in Thailand as an expat. In addition to the myriad of Thai legal requirements allowing pets into the country, you should take note of other particulars.

Bringing Pets into Thailand

Before deciding to bring pets into Thailand, here are a few things you should know.

  • Thailand is a tropical country and the heat can be a problem for some breeds of dogs and cats. It is very hot and humid for at least ten months of the year. Even in the cooler season, temperatures are hotter than Europeans or Americans are used to experiencing. The weather can take a dangerous toll on your pets unless you intend to keep them cooled with air-conditioning during your stay.
  • You should be aware that Thai attitudes towards pets are much different from those of westerners. It is not uncommon for dogs or cats to be abandoned with indifference when an owner tires of the animal or can no longer afford to feed it. When visiting Buddhist temples, you may see stray dogs being cared for by the monks.
  • Because of the above, there are many stray dogs roaming the streets throughout Thailand. They are territorial and should your dog enter its space, a fight is possible. Some stray dogs are sick, so you want to be sure your pet is protected.
  • Because Thailand has a tropical climate, local wildlife, such as snakes, can pose a hazard to your pet. If a snake wanders onto your property, you might have to deal with a potentially dangerous bite.
  • You will have to find pet-friendly accommodations, which will enable you to travel with your pets. There are several websites, such as, that you can research.

Food, Animal Products and Veterinary Care in Thailand

If you decide to bring your pet while visiting Thailand, you will certainly be able to find the food and animal products your pet will need. Pet stores are usually available near supermarkets and Thai markets.

There are many veterinary clinics throughout Thailand staffed by caring and compassionate doctors. However, because most of the veterinarians are Buddhist, they will not euthanize your animal if such action is needed.

You love your pets and they love you, so whatever you decide, having knowledge of the pet situation in Thailand before you travel is very important.

For more information on bringing pets into Thailand, contact the Department of Livestock Development (DLD), the government offices responsible for the movement of animals in and out of the country.