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Why Invest in Krabi

Krabi – A Property Investors Dream!

If you are searching for somewhere solid to invest your precious savings, somewhere that offers both exceptional value for money and the possibility of significant financial return, then purchasing land or property in Krabi could be the answer. The property market isparticularly buoyant in Thailand and investors are optimistic that this trend will continue throughout 2012 and for the foreseeable future. Around one third of the Thai population is between twenty four and forty four years of age, an optimal demographic for stimulating the housing market. And it is a market that has remained until recently, relatively untapped by foreign investors. That looks set to change however, and nowhere more so than in Krabi, south west Thailand. This popular holiday resort with an enviable climate and breathtaking scenery is enjoying an unprecedented economic boom all of its own. Visitors are descending on its vibrant tourist resorts in unparalleled numbers, resulting in record breaking occupancy rates for 2011 and the first two months of 2012. Continue reading Why Invest in Krabi

Romantic Breaks

Love is in the Krabi Air!

Krabi is an incredibly romantic holiday destination – deserted white sandy beaches, isolated islands and tranquil holiday resorts set in lush, tropical gardens, conspire to create a truly magical environment. And the extremely high quality of accommodation and attentiveness of Krabi hotel and resort staff is increasingly attracting honeymooners and starry-eyed couples, all keen to enjoy a special break that they will cherish for a lifetime. Continue reading Romantic Breaks

Spa / Wellness

Krabi’s Healing Properties!

Had a particularly stressful year or simply feel the need to catch your breath and recharge your batteries? Why not enjoy a rejuvenating holiday with a difference? Top quality spa and yoga sanctuaries, where you can immerse yourself both physically and mentally in a selection of therapies designed to boost mind, body and spirit, are thankfully no longer the preserve of the elite. In Krabi, wellness travellers and burnt out executives alike, can all enjoy a healthy and revitalising holiday in some of the best spa resorts in Thailand. Guests can rest assured that they are in safe hands too, as Krabi has more than its fair share of professional therapists with a long tradition in herbal medicine and the ancient art of Thai massage. Continue reading Spa / Wellness

Luxury accommodation

Krabi – Best in Class for Luxury Hotels and Resorts

There is no doubt about it – luxury accommodation is what Krabi does best! Krabi basks in a hard won reputation for providing visitors with an impressive range of luxury hotels and resorts, that rank among the finest in the country. And, even if you count yourself among the most discerning of travellers, you can’t fail to be impressed by what’s on offer. When it comes to sheer opulence and aesthetically pleasing surroundings, Krabi’s five star hotels, resorts and stylish villas are truly in a class of their own. Yet incredibly, many remain affordable, particularly when compared to their equivalents in Europe or other worldwide travel destinations. This is especially true of the serviced villa option, a modern holiday concept that combines chic living accommodation, private facilities, intimate surroundings and a discreet tailor-made service with a choice of optional extras, all at highly competitive prices. Continue reading Luxury accommodation

Mid range

Mid Range and Family Accommodation in Krabi

Despite challenging times in the global economy, the tourist industry in Krabi seems to be going from strength to strength. Indeed, many Krabi hotels and resorts are already reporting record breaking occupancy numbers in 2012. One of the key reasons for Krabi’s unmitigated success, other than the obvious appeal of such a stunning resort with unlimited visitor activities and attractions, is the excellent value for money offered by Krabi’s mid-range, family hotels. Not only are the majority of three star hotels a fraction of the price of those in Europe, they also feel far more like five star accommodation in reality. A mid-range hotel in Krabi will usually be set in beautiful grounds and boast the kind of facilities you would commonly associate with high-end, luxury resorts. Many will specifically cater for families and provide complimentary babysitting, giving parents the welcome opportunity of a night out, along with extra beds or cots in their rooms. Continue reading Mid range

Budget accommodation

Krabi on a Shoestring!

Krabi has a strong reputation for exclusive, high-end hotels and plush resorts, yet you really don’t have to spend a small fortune to land quality rooms in this beautiful province. Fortunately there is a reliable selection of cheap, backpacker accommodation and budget bungalows that offer basic, but clean and comfortable board. So, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the exclusive beach front resorts or even the competitively priced mid-range hotels, then you’ll need to know where to bag a bargain! Continue reading Budget accommodation